Mountain Bike Gear and Their Significance

Every adventure sport has its own set of must-have gear and accessories. These mountain bike gear and accessories are a requirement to sustain the comfort and safety of riders. Here we get a rough understanding of these must-have items and their uses and significance in mountain biking.

Mountain Bike Gear

mountain bike gear taillights

There is a wide variety of mountain bike gear and equipment available at various price ranges. However, it’s the personal obligation of those participating in this sport to decide what is particularly vital for them and whether it fits into their budget. It is also essential to carry spare parts depending on the type of bike in question.

The list of mountain bike gear and accessories required for mountain biking depends mainly on the style of bike used and the particular event; even the time of the event contributes to deciding what is needed and what is not. Generally, all-mountain bikers carry helmets and gloves, but serious racers have to bring elbows and kneepads compulsorily as falling off is very common. All these accessories are essential for the biker’s safety.

While participating in overnight events, it is imperative to include mountain bike gear such as a headlight and taillight in the must-carry list. The headlight brightens the path ahead, thus allowing you to keep moving, whereas the taillight helps you stay visible to the riders behind you. These lights are mainly operated with the help of batteries charged by re-chargers or generators.

High Priced Bikes Worth The Money

A well-trained rider that performs stunts and ventures on extreme grounds would rather ride a fully rigid mountain bike. These bikes have soft rubber tires to improve traction and double-ply rims to avert dents.

They also have an extra set of tires to avoid delays due to flats. The Kickstand is usually taken off to avert accidents.

Using end pieces on the handlebars has become common since significant falls are commonplace in mountain biking. These end pieces help prevent the hollow bars from getting punctured. Mostly, these end pieces can be fitted on straight or slightly bent handlebars and not on curved or racing handlebars.

Nowadays, many mountain bike resorts are offering their services to these thrill-seekers. Unlike ski resorts, these mountain bike resorts have unique lifts that elevate these bikers to the top of the hill so that they can ride downhill. So once a rider feels he is prepared and has all the required equipment, they can venture out the slopes and have a blast.

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